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Welcome, my demonic Kirby friends!

memes matter

Grassy Mountains
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Sooubway  Bois

Sooubway memes

Upon entering this website, you must say  the demonic Kirby pledge." I pledge to only use kind words on this website, make memes to the best of my abilities and be the best demonic Kirby I can be!" after you say the pledge, watch videos, have fun, and have comment chats.( when you talk to others in the comments section by my videos) The motto for this website is "Memes Matter" One last thing, be the demonic Kirby you want to see eating a sooubway sandwich.

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Meme Editing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

5$ a month to edit memes. No refunds.  Sooubway satisfaction guaranteed.

Grassy Mountains

Bees are terrifying

Exceeding Expectations

2$ a day to run away from bees. 100% natural fear. Screams sold separately.

White Structure

Eating Sooubway

Committed to Quality

1.50$ a day to eat sooubway sandwiches. 100% real genuine  sooubway.

Wood Structure
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Top Seller

A neopet of your choice, including a paintbrush, food, and 3000 neopoints.